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With All My Heart I Cry

  1. With all my heart I cry; O LORD, please answer!
    All your decrees and statutes I will keep.
    I call to you; O save me and deliver,
    that all your statutes I may surely heed.
  2. I rise and cry before the dawn of daylight,
    for I have set my hope upon your word.
    My eyes awake before the watch of midnight,
    that I may think upon your promise, LORD.
  3. LORD, hear my voice according to your mercy,
    and in your justice give me life anew.
    My foes draw near with evil plans to hurt me,
    for from your law they all are far removed.
  4. But you, O LORD my God, are always near me.
    All your commands are true and ever sure.
    Long have I known from all your holy statutes
    that you have founded them forevermore.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 119:145–152
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