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Praise Waits for You in Zion

  1. Praise waits for you in Zion;
    to you our vows we pay.
    All flesh will come before you,
    O God who hears us pray.
    When sins rise up against us,
    accusing ev’ry day,
    you pardon our transgressions
    and wash our sins away.
  2. How blest the man you’ve chosen
    to bring within your courts.
    We’re filled with all the goodness
    of your most holy house.
    By awesome deeds you answer
    with righteousness, O God
    our Savior, hope of nations
    and farthest seas abroad.
  3. By strength you formed the mountains.
    You hushed the sea’s loud voice;
    you calmed the waves’ great roaring
    and stilled the people’s noise.
    Those living in remote lands
    will fear your wondrous ways;
    you make the morn and evening
    shout forth with songs of praise.
  4. You visit earth and greatly
    enrich the land with rain.
    God’s stream is full of water,
    and you provide their grain.
    You water all its furrows,
    you settle all the ground;
    you soften it with showers
    and make its growth abound.
  5. You crown the year with bounty;
    your harvests overflow.
    The wilderness is fruitful;
    the hills with joy are clothed.
    With grain the vales are covered;
    the flocks in pasture graze.
    All nature joins in singing
    a joyful song of praise.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 65
Composer Information
Evans, David Emlyn (1874–1948)