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O God, Your Judgments Give the King

  1. O God, your judgments give the King,
    his son your righteousness;
    with right he shall your people judge,
    your poor with uprightness.
    And then the mountains shall bring forth
    to all the people peace;
    the hills because of righteousness
    their blessing shall increase.
  2. The people’s poor ones he shall judge,
    the needy’s children bless;
    and he will break in pieces those
    who would the poor oppress.
    He shall endure long as the sun,
    and as the moon he stands.
    May he be like the rain that falls
    and showers all the lands.
  3. The just shall flourish in his days,
    and prosper in his reign;
    and while the moon endures he shall
    abundant peace maintain.
    His large and great dominion shall
    from sea to sea extend;
    it from the River shall reach forth
    to earth’s remotest end.
  4. May desert tribes before him bow
    and enemies eat dust.
    May kings of Tarshish bring him gifts
    and tribute from the coasts;
    may Sheba’s king and Seba’s king
    bring gifts, their tribute pay.
    Yea, kings shall all before him bow,
    all nations shall obey!
  5. He saves the needy when they cry,
    the poor who have no stay.
    He pities weak and helpless ones,
    the needy he will save.
    From violence the Lord redeems
    the needy’s precious life;
    he saves the weak because their blood
    is precious in his sight.
  6. Long may he live and prosper, Sheba’s
    gold before him lay.
    May prayer be ever made for him,
    and blessings all the day.
    May crops of grain be bountiful
    throughout his glorious land.
    On tops of mountains may it wave;
    its fruit, like Lebanon.
  7. And may his people blossom in
    the cities and the towns,
    and thrive like grasses of the field
    which flourish in the ground.
    And may his name endure fore’er,
    as long as sun shall last;
    may people then be blest in him,
    all nations call him blest.
  8. Now blessed be the LORD our God,
    the God of Israel,
    for he alone does wondrous works
    in glory that excel.
    And blessed be his glorious name
    to all eternity.
    The whole earth let his glory fill;
    amen, so let it be.
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 72
Composer Information
Mason, Lowell (1792–1872)