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My Heart Does Overflow

  1. My heart does overflow,
    a goodly theme is mine;
    my eager tongue with joyful song
    does praise the King divine.
    Supremely fair you are,
    your lips with grace o’erflow;
    his richest blessings evermore
    does God on you bestow.
  2. Now gird you with your sword,
    O strong and mighty one,
    in splendid majesty arrayed,
    more glorious than the sun.
    Triumphantly ride forth
    for meekness, truth, and right;
    your arm shall gain the victory
    in wondrous deeds of might.
  3. Your strength shall overcome
    all those that hate the King,
    and under your dominion strong
    the nations you shall bring.
    Your royal throne, O God,
    forevermore shall stand;
    eternal truth and justice wield
    the scepter in your hand.
  4. Since you were sinless found,
    the Lord, by you confessed,
    anointed you with perfect joy,
    you are supremely blessed.
    Your garments breathe of myrrh
    and spices sweet and rare;
    glad strains of heav’nly music ring
    thro’out your palace fair.
  5. Amid your glorious train
    the royal daughters stand,
    and fairest gems bedeck your bride,
    the queen at your right hand.
    O royal bride, give heed,
    my holy words attend;
    for Christ, the King, forsake the world
    and ev’ry former friend.
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 45:1–10, Hebrews 1:8-9
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