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In Thee, O Lord, I Put My Trust

  1. In thee, O Lord, I put my trust,
    I call upon thy name;
    O save me in thy righteousness,
    nor let me suffer shame.
  2. Bow down thine ear to my request,
    and swift deliv’rance send;
    be thou to me a rock of strength,
    a fortress to defend.
  3. Since thou my rock and fortress art,
    my leader be, and guide;
    from all temptation rescue me,
    thou dost my strength abide.
  4. To thee my spirit I commend;
    redemption is with thee,
    O thou Jehovah, God of truth,
    who hast delivered me.
  5. I hate all those that love the false,
    my trust is in the Lord;
    I will be glad, and joyfully
    thy mercy will record.
  6. For my affliction thou hast seen,
    and known my many woes;
    thou hast not let me be enslaved,
    but freed me from my foes.
  7. Show mercy, Lord, to me distressed,
    and send my soul relief;
    my life is spent with bitterness,
    my strength consumed with grief.
  8. My life has aged grown with woe,
    with sighs my years decay;
    my eye is worn for very grief:
    I pine and waste away.
  9. My foes have made me a reproach,
    my state my neighbors see;
    my friends, appalled at my approach,
    turn them about and flee.
  10. For I have heard defaming tongues,
    and marked the terror rife,
    when all in league deliberate
    to take away my life.
  11. But, Lord, in thee is all my trust;
    “Thou art my God,” I cried.
    My life, my times are in thy hand,
    I in thy strength confide.
Stanza Copyright
St. 1-7, 11, The Psalter, 1912; st. 9-10, Psalter Hymnal, 1959
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 31:1–15a, Luke 23:46
Composer Information
Nägeli, Hans G. (1773–1836)