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I Will Exalt You, God, My King

  1. I will exalt you, God, my king;
    I will forever bless your name.
    I will extol you evermore,
    day after day your praise proclaim.
  2. Great is the LORD and greatly praised,
    greatness which none can comprehend.
    Age unto age will tell your deeds,
    wonders and mighty acts commend.
  3. Wondrous your works and majesty;
    I will upon them meditate.
    Men shall your awesome deeds confess;
    I will your greatness celebrate.
  4. People declare your matchless fame;
    praise for your glories they express;
    boundless and great your goodness, LORD;
    they sing aloud your righteousness.
  5. Gracious is God and merciful,
    plenteous in love, to anger slow.
    Good is the LORD to all he made;
    mercy to all his works he shows.
  6. All of your works will praise you, LORD.
    Saints will unite to bless your name!
    They will declare your awesome power,
    praising the glory of your reign.
  7. So shall the sons of man be taught
    your mighty deeds and glorious reign.
    Through ev’ry age your reign endures;
    endless your kingdom shall remain.
  8. Faithful is he in all his words;
    kind is the LORD in all his deeds.
    All those who fall the LORD upholds;
    he will upraise those bowed with grief.
  9. All look to you with eyes that wait;
    food in due season you will give.
    You will supply with open hand
    wants and desires of all that live.
  10. Righteous is he in all his ways;
    kind is the LORD in all his deeds.
    Near is the LORD to all who call,
    all who in truth shall him entreat.
  11. Those fearing him he satisfies;
    he also hears their cry and saves.
    All those who love the LORD he keeps;
    but all the wicked he will slay.
  12. Praise to the LORD my mouth will speak.
    Praise to the LORD my lips proclaim.
    Let ev’ry creature evermore
    rise up and bless his holy name.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 145
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