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I Was Filled with Joy and Gladness

  1. I was filled with joy and gladness
    when they said with one accord,
    “Let us make our pilgrim journey
    to the house of God the LORD.”
    O Jerus’lem, O Jerus’lem,
    we are standing in your gates;
    we are standing in your gates.
  2. As a city bound together
    is Jerusalem designed.
    There, by law, the tribes ascending
    thank the LORD in praise combined.
    Thrones of David, thrones of David,
    there for royal justice stand;
    there for royal justice stand.
  3. Pray for peace, the peace of Zion:
    “Prosper those who love you well!
    Peace be in your walls forever;
    safety in your towers dwell!”
    Peace and safety, peace and safety
    in Jerusalem abound;
    in Jerusalem abound.
  4. For the sake of my companions,
    for my brothers, I will say:
    “May God’s peace abide within you!”
    For the temple’s sake I pray.
    For the LORD’s house, for the LORD’s house
    I will ever seek your good;
    I will ever seek your good.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 122
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