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Hear Me, O LORD, and Answer Me

  1. Hear me, O LORD, and answer me;
    for I am needy, I am poor.
    Safeguard your godly servant’s life;
    save me, my God, I trust in you.
  2. All day I cry to you, O Lord,
    show me your grace, be merciful.
    Gladden your servant’s soul, O Lord,
    for unto you I lift my soul.
  3. For you, O Lord, alone are good;
    ready and willing to forgive.
    All those who call upon your name
    you will abundant mercy give.
  4. Listen, O LORD, and heed my pray’r;
    hear now my plea for grace, my cry.
    In my distress I call on you,
    for in your mercy you reply.
  5. Surely among the many gods,
    Lord, there is none to rival you;
    deeds that the others may perform
    never compare with works you do.
  6. All of the nations you have made
    Lord, they will come and laud your name.
    There is no God but you alone;
    great are your deeds and great your fame.
  7. Teach me, O LORD, your way, that I
    from your great truth may not depart;
    so I might always fear your name,
    give me an undivided heart.
  8. I will, O LORD, with all my heart
    give you my thanks unceasingly.
    Great is your steadfast love to me;
    from Sheol’s depths you rescue me.
  9. Insolent men attack me, God,
    men strong and ruthless, men of strife;
    they do not seek your face, O God,
    but seek to take away my life.
  10. You, Lord, are merciful and kind,
    slow to show anger, rich in grace;
    you, God, abound in steadfast love;
    great is your truth and faithfulness.
  11. Turn now your face to me, O Lord,
    and unto me your mercy show;
    rescue your lowly handmaid’s son,
    unto your servant strength bestow.
  12. Grant me a sign of favor, LORD,
    which those who hate me now may see;
    surely they will be put to shame,
    for you have helped to comfort me.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 86
Composer Information
Jones, Griffin Hugh (1849–1919)