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Thou, O Lord, Art God Alone

  1. Thou, O Lord, art God alone,
    everlasting is thy throne;
    through the ages men shall sing
    praise to heav’n’s eternal King.
    Thou, enthroned above the skies,
    wilt for Zion’s help arise;
    let thy grace to her appear,
    for the promised time is near.
  2. If with love compassionate
    we, thy servants, mourn her state,
    wilt not thou, O gracious Lord,
    help in Zion’s need afford?
    Lord, thy glory shall appear,
    kings and nations then shall fear;
    and thy name shall be adored
    when thy Zion is restored.
  3. This all ages shall record
    for the glory of the Lord;
    thou dost hear the humble prayer,
    for the helpless thou dost care.
    Thou eternal art, and great,
    heav’n and earth thou didst create;
    heav’n and earth shall pass away,
    changeless thou shall live for aye.
  4. As one lays a garment by,
    thou wilt change the starry sky
    like a vesture worn and old;
    but thy years shall ne’er be told.
    Thou wilt make thy servants’ race
    ever live before thy face,
    and forever at thy side
    children’s children shall abide.
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