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Praise the LORD, for He Is Good

  1. Praise the LORD, for he is good,
    for his mercies ever sure
    from eternity have stood,
    to eternity endure;
    let his ransomed people raise
    songs to their Redeemer’s praise.
  2. From captivity released,
    from the south and from the north,
    from the west and from the east,
    in his love he brought them forth,
    ransomed out of ev’ry land
    from the adversary’s hand.
  3. Wand’ring in the wilderness,
    far they roamed the desert way,
    found no settled dwelling place
    where in peace secure to stay,
    till with thirst and hunger pressed,
    courage sank within their breast.
  4. Then to God the LORD they cried
    in their trouble, and he saved;
    he himself became their guide,
    led them to the rest they craved
    by a pathway straight and sure,
    to a city strong, secure.
  5. Sons of men, awake to praise
    God the LORD who reigns above,
    gracious in his works and ways,
    wondrous in redeeming love;
    longing souls he satisfies,
    hungry hearts with good supplies.
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 107:1–5, 19–22
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