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Your Hand, O God, Has Guided

  1. Your hand, O God, has guided
    your flock from age to age;
    your faithfulness is written
    on history’s open page.
    Our fathers owned your goodness,
    and we their deeds record;
    and both to this bear witness:
    one church, one faith, one Lord!
  2. Your heralds brought the gospel
    to greatest and the least;
    they summoned men and women
    to share the great King’s feast.
    And this was all their teaching
    in ev’ry deed and word,
    to all alike proclaiming:
    one church, one faith, one Lord!
  3. Your mercy will not fail us
    nor leave your work undone;
    with your right hand to help us
    the vict’ry shall be won.
    And then by earth and heaven
    your name shall be adored;
    and this shall be our anthem:
    one church, one faith, one Lord!
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Scripture Reference
Ephesians 4:4-6, Psalm 44:1, Philippians 1:6
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