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Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now

  1. Lord Jesus Christ, be present now,
    our hearts in true devotion bow,
    your Spirit send with grace divine,
    and let your truth within us shine.
  2. Unseal our lips to sing your praise,
    our souls to you in worship raise,
    make strong our faith, increase our light,
    that we may know your name aright.
  3. Until we join the hosts that cry,
    “Holy are you, O Lord Most High!”
    And in the light of that blest place
    fore’er behold you face to face.
  4. Glory to God the Father, Son,
    and Holy Spirit, Three in One!
    To you, O blessed Trinity,
    be praise throughout eternity!
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 43:3-4, Isaiah 6:3, 2 Corinthians 13:14
Composer Information

Collection Name: Pensum Sacrum, Görlitz