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Jesus, Master, Whose I Am

  1. Jesus, Master, whose I am,
    purchased thine alone to be
    by thy blood, O spotless Lamb,
    shed so willingly for me,
    let my heart be all thine own,
    let me live to thee alone.
  2. Jesus, Master, I am thine:
    keep me faithful, keep me near;
    let thy presence in me shine
    all my homeward way to cheer.
    Jesus, at thy feet I fall,
    O be thou my all in all.
  3. Jesus, Master, whom I serve,
    though so feebly and so ill,
    strengthen hand and heart and nerve
    all thy bidding to fulfill.
    Open thou mine eyes to see
    all the work thou hast for me.
  4. Lord, thou needest not, I know,
    service such as I can bring;
    yet I long to prove and show
    full allegiance to my King.
    Thou an honor art to me:
    let me be a praise to thee.
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Scripture Reference
Acts 27:23, 1 Peter 1:18-19, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Composer Information
Bortniansky, Dmitri (1752–1825)