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Fill Thou My Life, O Lord My God

  1. Fill thou my life, O Lord my God,
    in ev’ry part with praise,
    that my whole being may proclaim
    thy being and thy ways.
    Not for the lip of praise alone,
    nor e’en the praising heart,
    I ask, but for a life made up
    of praise in ev’ry part:
  2. Praise in the common words I speak,
    life’s common looks and tones,
    in fellowship enjoyed at home
    with my beloved ones,
    enduring wrong, reproach, or loss
    with sweet and steadfast will,
    forgiving freely those who hate,
    returning good for ill.
  3. So shall each fear, each fret, each care
    be turned into a song,
    and ev’ry winding of the way
    the echo shall prolong.
    So shall no part of day or night
    from sacredness be free,
    but all my life, in ev’ry step,
    be fellowship with thee.
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 34:1, Psalm 71:8, Hebrews 13:15
Composer Information

Collection Name: Gesangbuch, Wurttemberg