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Father, I Know That All My Life

  1. Father, I know that all my life
    is portioned out for me;
    the changes that are sure to come
    I do not fear to see:
    I ask thee for a present mind,
    intent on pleasing thee.
  2. I would not have the restless will
    that hurries to and fro,
    seeking for some great thing to do
    or secret thing to know;
    I would be treated as a child,
    and guided where to go.
  3. I ask thee for the daily strength,
    to none that ask denied,
    a mind to blend with outward life,
    while keeping at thy side,
    content to fill a little space,
    if thou be glorified.
  4. In service which thy will appoints
    there are no bonds for me;
    my secret heart is taught the truth
    that makes thy children free;
    a life of self-renouncing love
    is one of liberty.
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Scripture Reference
Philippians 4:11, Psalm 90:12, Psalm 131:2
Composer Information
Steggall, Charles (1826–1905)