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Christian Hearts in Love United

  1. Christian hearts in love united,
    search to know God’s holy will.
    Let his love, in us ignited,
    more and more our spirits fill.
    Christ the head, and we his members—
    we reflect the light he is.
    Christ the master, we disciples—
    he is ours and we are his.
  2. Grant, Lord, that with your direction
    “Love each other” we comply.
    Help us live in true affection,
    your love to exemplify.
    Let our mutual love be glowing
    brightly so that all may view
    that we, as on one stem growing,
    living branches are in you.
  3. Come, then, living church of Jesus,
    covenant with him anew.
    Unto him who conquered for us
    may we pledge our service true.
    May our lives reflect the brightness
    of God’s love in Jesus shown.
    To the world we then bear witness:
    we belong to God alone.
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Scripture Reference
Ephesians 4:15, John 15:12, John 15:5
Composer Information

Collection Name: Moravian chorale book manuscript, Herrnhut