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A Shoot Will Spring from Jesse’s Stump

  1. A shoot will spring from Jesse’s stump,
    a branch from Jesse’s root;
    though David’s tree is broken down,
    this branch will yield its fruit.
    The Spirit of the LORD will fully
    rest on him in grace.
    The branch with sev’nfold energy
    shall live before God’s face.
  2. The Spirit of the LORD will rest
    on him to bear good fruit—
    the Spirit of his wisdom and
    of understanding truth,
    the Spirit of God’s counsel and
    the Spirit of his might,
    the Spirit of true knowledge and
    of fearing God aright.
  3. The fear of God will fill his heart
    and mind with great delight.
    He judges not by ear or sight
    but justly does the right.
    With righteousness he rules the poor;
    the wicked he will slay.
    The belt of truth and righteousness
    are ’round his waist displayed.
  4. A world of everlasting joy
    and peace, the branch will raise,
    where wolf shall with the lamb lie down,
    and cow with bear shall graze.
    The child shall play by cobra dens
    and lead wild beasts with ease,
    for all the earth will know the LORD,
    as waters fill the seas.
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Copyright: © 2014 Ann Buursma