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You, O God, Reject and Spurn Us

  1. You, O God, reject and spurn us;
    you have broken our defense.
    You have dealt with us in anger;
    O restore us, Lord, again.
  2. You have torn the land asunder;
    you have made the land to shake.
    O come down and mend its fractures,
    for you caused the earth to quake.
  3. You have made your people suffer
    times of need and helplessness.
    Wine that makes us reel and stagger
    you have poured as drink for us.
  4. But for those who truly fear you,
    lift your banner, let it wave.
    Raise it high for all to see, that
    truth and right may be displayed.
  5. By your right hand give salvation;
    save and answer your beloved.
    God in holiness has spoken
    from his holy place above:
  6. “I will now divide in triumph
    every part of Shechem’s land,
    all the ground in Succoth valley
    I will measure with my hand.
  7. “Mine is Gilead, mine Manasseh,
    Ephraim is my helmet bold,
    Judah I will make my scepter,
    he my precepts will uphold.
  8. “Moab is my bowl for washing.
    I on Edom cast my shoe.
    O’er Philistia I will shout, for
    I have triumphed over you.”
  9. Who will bring me to the city
    strong and greatly fortified,
    and to reach the land of Edom
    who will be my help and guide?
  10. Have you not, O God, rejected,
    turned us over to our foe?
    When our armies go to battle,
    you no longer with them go.
  11. Give us aid against the wicked;
    human help will bring no hope.
    With our God we shall be valiant;
    he will trample all our foes.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
Scripture Reference
Psalm 60
Composer Information
Coombs, Brian E. (Russian melody)

Copyright: Arr. © 2001 Brian E. Coombs (admin. Crown and Covenant)