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Transgression Speaks to Wicked Man

  1. Transgression speaks to wicked man;
    deep in his heart it lies.
    There surely is no fear of God
    before the sinner’s eyes.
  2. He views himself with flattery,
    and sinfulness denies.
    He thinks his sin cannot be found
    and cannot be despised.
  3. His mouth speaks trouble and deceit;
    his words are godless lies.
    He keeps himself from doing good
    and ceases being wise.
  4. He meditates upon his bed
    to plan his wickedness.
    He sets himself in ways not good;
    the wrong does not detest.
  5. Your mercy and your truth, O LORD,
    transcend the lofty sky;
    your righteousness, like mountains high;
    your judgments, deep and wide.
  6. LORD, you preserve both man and beast.
    Your love is great and kind!
    Beneath the shadow of your wings
    mankind may refuge find.
  7. With great abundance in your house,
    they feast ’til satisfied;
    from streams of your unfailing joy
    their thirst shall be supplied.
  8. The fountain of eternal life
    with you alone abides.
    Within the brightness of your light
    we see the light of life.
  9. From those who know you, may your love
    and mercy ne’er depart.
    And may your righteousness protect
    and bless the upright heart.
  10. Let not the proud raise foot or hand
    to drive me from your side.
    The evildoers are thrown down
    and never shall arise.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 36, Romans 3:18
Composer Information
Bradbury, William B. (1816–1868)