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The Tender Love a Father Has

  1. The tender love a father has
    for all his children dear,
    such love the Lord bestows on them
    who worship him in fear.
  2. The Lord remembers we are dust,
    and all our frailty knows;
    man’s days are like the tender grass,
    and as the flow’r he grows.
  3. The flow’r is withered by the wind
    that smites with blighting breath;
    so man is quickly swept away
    before the blast of death.
  4. Unchanging is the love of God,
    from age to age the same,
    displayed to all who do his will
    and reverence his name.
  5. Those who his gracious cov’nant keep
    the Lord will ever bless;
    their children’s children shall rejoice
    to see his righteousness.
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 103:13–18
Composer Information
Gabriel, Charles H. (1856–1932)