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Surely God Is Good to Israel

  1. Surely God is good to Israel,
    good to those whose hearts are pure.
    As for me, my steps were slipping,
    and my foothold was unsure.
    For the arrogant I envied,
    as I saw them live secure.
  2. For ’til death they have no struggles;
    they are healthy, fit, and strong—
    undisturbed by woes and troubles,
    as to human life belong.
    Arrogance becomes their necklace,
    vi’lence is the cloak they don.
  3. How their eyes bulge out with plenty,
    how their hearts spew foolishness.
    They deride and speak with malice;
    bold, they threaten to oppress.
    For their mouths defy the heavens,
    and their tongues the earth possess.
  4. So their people, blindly turning,
    drink the waters of their lie;
    saying, “How can God control us?
    Are we known to God Most High?”
    Thus the wicked grow in riches,
    always carefree they abide.
  5. All in vain, I kept my heart clean,
    washed my hands in innocence.
    All day long your plagues afflict me,
    morning brings new punishment.
    If I spoke thus, then your children
    would have suffered great offense.
  6. When I tried to understand this,
    it was wearisome to me,
    ’til I came into God’s temple
    and discerned their destiny.
    For on slipp’ry ground you place them,
    and you make their end complete.
  7. How they’re shattered in a moment;
    sudden fear swept them aside.
    As a dream, when one awakens,
    so, O Lord, when you arise.
    You consider them as phantoms,
    and their images despise.
  8. When my spirit was embittered
    and my heart with grief brought low,
    I was like a beast before you—
    dull, in understanding slow.
    Yet I know I’m always with you;
    my right hand, O Lord, you hold.
  9. You to glory will receive me
    with your counsel as my guide.
    I have none but you in heaven;
    all on earth I lay aside.
    Flesh and heart may fail, but ever
    God my portion will abide.
  10. Those afar from God will perish,
    all the faithless ones will die.
    Surely it is good for me that
    I should unto God draw nigh.
    I, in God the LORD, take refuge;
    all your deeds I will recite.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 73
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