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Shout Aloud to God

  1. Shout aloud to God,
    joy and strength of Isr’el;
    raise your joy abroad,
    strike the tambourine,
    lofty anthems sing
    with the harp and timbrel.
  2. Let the trumpet sound
    call for celebration.
    Festive joy abound;
    on the new-moon day
    God’s command obey,
    for his holy nation.
  3. This our festal day,
    Jacob’s God has given.
    Joseph, keep his way,
    for with mighty hand
    God went through the land,
    bringing liberation.
  4. In a language new,
    God proclaimed salvation:
    “I delivered you;
    set your shoulders free,
    burdened hands relieved,
    heard your supplication.”
  5. “In distress you cried,
    I drew near to rescue;
    from the cloud replied,
    in your thirst gave rest—
    Meribah, the test.
    I am God who saves you.
  6. “O my people, hear,
    heed my admonition;
    Israel, give ear:
    no false deities
    shall among you be;
    give them no devotion.
  7. “I, the LORD your God,
    brought you out of Egypt;
    saved you from the rod.
    To my grace poured out
    open wide your mouth—
    I will surely fill it.
  8. “Isr’el spurned my voice;
    they refused submission.
    To their stubborn choice
    I gave them their way
    when they went astray.
    O that they would listen!
  9. “If they’d choose my word,
    I their foes would conquer.
    Those who hate the LORD
    by his hand of pow’r
    would before him cow’r,
    overthrown forever.
  10. “Then with finest wheat
    God, the LORD, would feed you;
    and with honey sweet
    from the rock outpoured,
    my abundant store,
    I would satisfy you.”
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 81
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