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O Sing Hallelujah!

  1. O sing hallelujah! Praise God for his goodness;
    his covenant mercy forever endures.
    What tongue can declare all God’s deeds and his praises?
    How blest those who justice keep, those who do right.
    Remember me, LORD, when you favor your people,
    and come to my aid when your people you save,
    that I might behold all your chosen ones’ glory,
    rejoice with your nation, their gladness to share.
  2. We’ve sinned like our fathers, done evil; we’re guilty;
    our fathers in Egypt did not heed your signs.
    They did not remember your covenant mercy,
    but they, at the Red Sea rebelled against God.
    And yet, for his name’s sake he saved them, showed greatness,
    rebuked the Red Sea so that it became dry.
    He led through the deep as one walks through the desert,
    redeemed them from enemies, saved them from foes.
  3. Their enemies drowned, none survived in the waters;
    they trusted his word and his praises they sang.
    But soon they forgot it, did not seek his counsel;
    they wantonly lusted, put God to the test.
    And then in the desert he gave what they wanted,
    while sending among them a wasting disease.
    Yet then, where they camped, they grew jealous of Moses,
    and also of Aaron, the LORD’s holy priest.
  4. The earth opened wide and it swallowed up Dathan,
    and covered Abiram’s assembly of men.
    Then fire blazed on those who had followed their counsel,
    the wicked were burned and consumed in the flames.
    At Horeb they worshiped a calf made of metal,
    their Glory exchanged for a cast metal ox!
    They did not remember their Savior, his wonders
    in Egypt, in Ham, and beside the Red Sea.
  5. He said he’d destroy them, but Moses, his chosen
    one, stepped in the breach and deflected his wrath.
    But then they rejected the land that was pleasant,
    not trusting the promise he gave in his word.
    They murmured against the LORD’s voice in their dwellings;
    he swore that he’d make them in desert lands fall.
    He’d scatter their children among all the nations,
    dispersing them over the face of the earth.
  6. With Baal of Peor they all joined together,
    and ate what was sacrificed unto the dead.
    Provoking God’s anger, a plague spread among them
    till Phineas rose up; the plague was then stayed;
    this righteousness counted to him for all ages.
    At Meribah they provoked anger in God;
    they brought Moses grief and he spoke to them rashly
    because they resisted the Spirit of God.
  7. The peoples they did not destroy as God ordered,
    they mixed with the nations and followed their ways.
    They bowed down to idols, which trapped and ensnared them,
    to demons their children as sacrifice gave.
    They poured out the innocent blood of their children
    to Canaanite gods and polluted the land.
    Their actions defiled them, they whored in their doings;
    the LORD showed his wrath and his people he loathed.
  8. God put them with nations who hated, oppressed them;
    though often he freed them, yet rebels they stayed.
    Yet he heard their cry and remembered his cov’nant,
    showed grace, made their captors show pity to them.
    O save us, LORD God, bring us back from the nations,
    we’ll boast in your praise and your holy name thank.
    O blest be the LORD, Isr’el’s God, now and always.
    Let ev’ryone say it: “Amen. Praise the LORD.”
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture; Tune © 2012 Paul S. Jones. Distributed by Paul Jones Music, Inc.,
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 106
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