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O Save Me, God, Because the Floods

  1. O save me, God, because the floods
    up to my neck arise.
    I sink in mire where none can stand,
    o’erwhelmed by rising tides.
    My constant calling wearies me,
    my throat is parched and dried.
    My eyes grow dim while for my God,
    still waiting, I abide.
  2. Those hating me are more than all
    the hairs upon my head;
    without a cause they seek to kill,
    they put my life in dread.
    I did not steal, but must restore.
    You know my folly, God.
    You know the wrongs that I have done;
    from you they are not hid.
  3. Let not the ones who hope in you
    be shamed because of me;
    let not the ones who seek you be
    dishonored, God, through me.
    For it is for your sake that I
    have borne reproach and shame;
    an alien to my mother’s sons,
    from brothers I’m estranged.
  4. My zeal, LORD, for your holy house
    consumes me through and through,
    and all the insults I received
    have fallen first on you.
    I wept, with fasting bowed my soul,
    yet that was made my shame;
    when I in sackcloth clothed myself,
    their byword I became.
  5. The men who sit within the gate
    have talked about me long,
    and all the drunkards sitting there
    make me their jest and song.
    But in your time of favor, LORD,
    to you my pray’rs ascend;
    in steadfast love and faithfulness,
    O God, salvation send.
  6. Deliver me, LORD, from the mire,
    from foes and waters deep.
    Let not the flood sweep over me,
    or close me in the pit.
    Because your steadfast love is good,
    LORD, answer me in grace;
    according to your boundless love,
    O turn to me your face.
  7. Hide not your face from my distress,
    a speedy answer send.
    Draw near to me, my soul redeem,
    from all my foes defend.
    Well known to you are my reproach,
    dishonor, and my shame;
    my adversaries, O my LORD,
    you know them all by name.
  8. My heart is broken by reproach,
    so I am in despair;
    I looked in vain for comforters,
    I found no pity there.
    They gave me bitter gall for food,
    and poisoned what I ate.
    They gave me vinegar to drink,
    because my thirst was great.
  9. O let their feasting be a snare,
    and trap them in their peace.
    Let blinding darkness strike their eyes,
    their bones with trembling seize.
    Lord, pour your fury out on them
    and let your anger burn.
    Let no one live within their tents,
    their camp to ruin turn.
  10. For they have persecuted him,
    the one whom you strike down,
    and they recount the pain and hurt
    you’ve brought upon your own.
    Add punishment to punishment;
    release them not from sin.
    Erase them from the book of life
    and list them not therein.
  11. But I’m afflicted and in pain;
    O God, deliver me!
    Let your salvation lift me up
    on high and set me free.
    Then I will praise my God with song,
    with thanks his name extol,
    and this will please the LORD far more
    than off’ring ox or bull.
  12. The meek shall see it and rejoice;
    you saints, your hearts revive,
    because the LORD will hear the poor,
    will not his own despise.
    Let heav’n and earth and seas rejoice,
    and all with which they’re filled;
    for Zion God will surely save,
    and Judah’s cities build.
  13. When God his Zion will restore,
    then people there shall dwell;
    they shall again possess the land,
    its cities they will fill.
    The offspring of his servants shall
    inherit all the land,
    and those who love his holy name
    shall dwell there once again.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
Scripture Reference
Psalm 69, John 15:25, John 2:17, Romans 11:9-10, Acts 1:20
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Copyright: © 1974, renewed 2002 Broadman Press (SESAC), admin. LifeWay Worship