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O Save Me from My Foes

  1. O save me from my foes, my God,
    from those who against me come,
    from evil workers rescue me,
    the men who seek my blood.
    See how they lie in wait for me,
    fierce men who stir up strife.
    For no transgression of my own,
    O LORD, they seek my life.
  2. Awake and come to meet me now!
    LORD God of hosts, arise;
    spare not, O God of Israel,
    the nations who conspire.
    At evening they return again;
    like dogs, they snarl and prowl.
    Their lips are swords; they bellow forth:
    “O who will hear us howl?”
  3. But you, O LORD, will laugh at them;
    those nations you deride.
    I watch for you, O God, my strength,
    my fortress where I hide.
    The God who shows me steadfast love
    will meet me in his grace,
    and he will let me look upon
    my vanquished rivals’ face.
  4. But kill them not, lest we forget,
    O Lord, our shield and guide.
    But make them wander aimlessly;
    defeat them by your might.
    Reward the evil of their lips,
    the sin of their own mouths;
    let them be trapped within their pride,
    their curses and untruths.
  5. Consume them till they are no more;
    consume them in your wrath,
    until they know that Jacob’s God
    is King o’er all the earth.
    At evening they return again;
    like dogs, they snarl and prowl.
    They roam about the town for food,
    and, finding none, they growl.
  6. But in the morning I will praise
    your strength and loving care,
    because you are my strong defense,
    my refuge from despair.
    O God, my strength, I sing to you
    and offer you my praise,
    for you, O God, my fortress, show
    me steadfast love and grace.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
Scripture Reference
Psalm 59
Composer Information
Fuhrman, Franki (b. 1947)

Copyright: © Franki Fuhrman, 2002 (admin. Crown and Covenant)