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O My God, Whose Name I Worship

  1. O my God, whose name I worship,
    be not silent, LORD, I pray;
    for deceitful mouths are opened,
    speak against me ev’ry day.
    They have uttered lies against me;
    they, with tongues of malice, fight.
    They attack without causation,
    circling me with words of spite.
  2. Spurning love, yet they accuse me,
    though I give myself to prayer.
    They reward my good with evil,
    hatred for my love repay.
    Set an evil man against him,
    let him stand at his right hand.
    Let his prayers be counted sinful,
    let the court his guilt advance.
  3. May his days be few in number;
    let another take his place.
    May his wife be made a widow,
    and his children fatherless.
    May his children beg and wander,
    driven from their ruined gate.
    May his goods be seized and taken;
    strangers plunder his estate.
  4. May no kindness be extended
    unto him, nor to his seed.
    May his fam’ly line be ended;
    may their names deleted be.
    May the LORD remember ever
    all his parents’ sin and shame.
    May their sin be held against them,
    and forgotten be their name.
  5. For he never thought of helping
    those in trouble or distress,
    but pursued the poor and needy;
    put the broken ones to death.
    He was always cursing others—
    may his curse on him rebound;
    he took no delight in blessing—
    far from him may it be found.
  6. He has clothed himself with cursing,
    as a garment that he wore;
    cursing soaked his bones and body,
    as does water, as does oil.
    May his curses wrap around him
    like a belt or like a cloak.
    May this be the LORD’s reward to
    evil-speaking, spiteful foes.
  7. But, O God, my LORD, in mercy,
    for your name’s sake, treat me well,
    and because your steadfast love is
    good, deliver me from ill.
    For I am both poor and needy;
    and my heart is struck within.
    I am feeble, like an insect,
    like an evening shadow gone.
  8. Both my knees are weak from fasting;
    gaunt my body has become;
    I am scorned by my accusers,
    seeing me their heads they nod.
    LORD my God, draw near and help me;
    save me in your steadfast love!
    Let them know that you have done this
    by your hand, O LORD above.
  9. Let them curse, but you will bless me!
    They are shamed; your servant’s glad!
    Clothed with shame be my accusers,
    in their own disgrace they’re wrapped.
    With my voice I’ll sing God’s praises
    in the throng, for thus he stands
    at the right hand of the needy,
    saving from oppression’s hand.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 109, Acts 1:20
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