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O My God, Do Not Keep Silent

  1. O my God, do not keep silent;
    be not quiet, be not still.
    See how all your foes who hate you
    raise their heads with evil will.
    They conspire against your people,
    make their cunning plans, and say,
    “Come, let us destroy their nation;
    Isr’el’s name we’ll sweep away.”
  2. They conspire as one against you,
    in a cov’nant they unite:
    tents of Moab, tents of Edom,
    Hagrites and the Ishmaelite,
    Gebal, Amalek, and Ammon,
    Philistines with men of Tyre.
    Asshur now has come to join them;
    Lot’s descendants strength acquire.
  3. Do to them as unto Midian;
    as to Jabin, Sisera,
    slain at Kishon, killed at Endor,
    left like dung on grim terrain.
    Make their chiefs like Zeeb and Oreb,
    Zeba and Zalmunna too,
    when they said, “We’ll take possession,
    take God’s pasturelands from you.”
  4. Make them like the whirling dust cloud,
    like the chaff before the breeze.
    As the flames lay waste the mountains,
    as the fire consumes the trees,
    so, Lord, with your tempest chase them,
    frighten with your hurricane.
    Fill their face with shame and insult,
    so that they may seek your name.
  5. May they be ashamed forever;
    let dismay be on their face.
    May they be destroyed completely;
    let them perish in disgrace.
    LORD, make known your name among them;
    show that you alone are God—
    you are LORD, the Most High, ruling
    over all the earth abroad.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 83
Composer Information
Lloyd, John Ambrose (1815–1874)