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O LORD, to You I Call

  1. O LORD, to you I call;
    come quickly unto me.
    Give ear unto my anxious voice
    and hear me when I plead.
  2. Like incense may my prayer
    before your face arise—
    the raising of my hands be like
    the evening sacrifice.
  3. Keep watch, LORD, o’er my mouth
    and guard my lips, I pray;
    let not my heart to evil thoughts
    be drawn and led astray.
  4. LORD, keep me from the deeds
    that wicked men incite,
    and keep me from their fellowship,
    from eating their delights.
  5. When just men strike me down,
    it is a kind rebuke.
    I take it as a soothing oil;
    let not my head refuse.
  6. I make my constant prayer
    against their evil deeds.
    Their leaders will be thrown from cliffs
    in terrible defeat.
  7. The wicked then will know
    my words were spoken well.
    Like ground that’s plowed, their bones are strewn
    before the mouth of hell.
  8. To you, O GOD, my Lord,
    I look with longing eyes.
    O leave me not defenseless now;
    on you my soul relies.
  9. O keep me from the trap
    that evil men have set;
    while I pass safely, let them fall,
    ensnared in their own net.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 141
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