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O Lord, Thou Hast Ascended

  1. O Lord, thou hast ascended
    on high in might to reign;
    captivity thou leadest
    a captive in thy train.
    Rich gifts to thee are offered
    by men who did rebel,
    who pray that now Jehovah,
    their God, with them may dwell.
  2. Blest be the Lord who daily
    our heavy burden bears,
    the God of our salvation,
    who for his people cares.
    Our God is near to help us,
    our God is strong to save;
    the Lord alone is able
    to ransom from the grave.
  3. Sing unto God, ye nations,
    ye kingdoms of the earth;
    Sing unto God, all people,
    and praise his matchless worth.
    He rides in royal triumph
    upon the heav’ns abroad;
    he speaks, the mountains tremble
    before the voice of God.
  4. All glory, might, and honor
    ascribe to God on high;
    his arm protects his people
    who on his pow’r rely.
    Forth from thy holy dwelling
    thine awful glories shine;
    thou strengthenest thy people;
    unending praise be thine.
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 68, Ephesians 4:8
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