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O Lord of Hosts, How Lovely

  1. O Lord of hosts, how lovely
    thy tabernacles are;
    for them my heart is yearning
    in banishment afar.
    My soul is longing, fainting,
    thy sacred courts to see;
    my heart and flesh are crying,
    O living God, for thee.
  2. Beneath thy care the sparrow
    finds place for peaceful rest;
    to keep her young in safety
    the swallow finds a nest;
    then, Lord, my King Almighty,
    thy love will shelter me;
    beside thy holy altar
    my dwelling place shall be.
  3. Blest they who dwell in Zion,
    whose joy and strength thou art;
    forever they will praise thee,
    thy ways are in their heart.
    Though tried, their tears like showers
    shall fill the springs of peace,
    and all the way to Zion
    their strength shall still increase.
  4. Lord God of hosts, in mercy
    my supplication hear;
    almighty and all faithful,
    our fathers’ God, give ear.
    Our shield and great defender,
    no longer hide thy face,
    but look upon thy servant,
    anointed by thy grace.
  5. In thy blest courts to worship,
    my God, a single day
    is better than a thousand
    while far from thee I stray.
    Though in a lowly station,
    the service of my Lord
    I choose above all pleasures
    that sinful ways afford.
  6. A sun and shield forever
    is God, the Lord Most High;
    to those who walk uprightly
    no good will he deny.
    His saints, his grace receiving,
    shall soon his glory see;
    O Lord of hosts, most blessed
    are they that trust in thee.
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 84
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