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O LORD, I Will Extol You

  1. O LORD, I will extol you,
    for you have lifted me;
    my foes you kept from boasting
    and gloating over me.
    O LORD, my God, I pleaded
    that you might heal and save;
    you brought my soul from Sheol,
    restored me from the grave.
  2. His holy name remember;
    you saints, the LORD now praise;
    his anger lasts a moment,
    his favor all our days;
    for though the tears of weeping
    may tarry for a night,
    there comes a shout of gladness
    when dawns the morning light.
  3. In prosp’rous days I boasted,
    “Unmoved I shall remain,”
    for LORD, by your good favor
    my mountain you maintained.
    But when your face was hidden,
    my heart was terrified.
    To you, O LORD, I pleaded;
    for mercy, Lord, I cried.
  4. What profit if I perish,
    if I descend to death?
    Shall dust proclaim your praises
    or speak your faithfulness?
    O LORD, on me have mercy,
    and my petition hear;
    that you may be my helper,
    in mercy, LORD, appear.
  5. You turned my grief to dancing,
    from sackcloth set me free.
    You clothed me ’round with gladness;
    I shall not silent be.
    My soul will sing your praises,
    your name will I adore;
    O LORD, my God, I thank you,
    both now and evermore!
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 30
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