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O Hear My Cry for Mercy

  1. O hear my cry for mercy, God,
    do not ignore my plea.
    I cannot rest, but must complain;
    O hear and answer me,
    because I hear the voice of foes,
    because the wicked press;
    for they in anger bear a grudge
    and bring on me distress.
  2. My heart is gripped with anguish, as
    death’s terrors have come near.
    O’erwhelmed with horror, I am filled
    with trembling and with fear.
    I said, “O make me like a dove,
    with wings to fly away.
    Then I would wander far and rest,
    in desert land to stay.
  3. “I’d run to find a hiding place,
    a refuge free from harm,
    to flee the fierce and raging winds,
    the tempest of the storm.”
    Destroy, O Lord, divide their tongues,
    their wicked speech confound,
    for I see strife and violence
    in the city do abound.
  4. Abuse and trouble prowl around
    her walls both night and day.
    Destruction lives within her midst
    as fraud and evil reign.
    If enemies had taunted me,
    this I could still abide;
    and if a foe against me rose,
    then I could from him hide.
  5. But it is you, a man like me,
    my comrade and my friend!
    We once enjoyed sweet fellowship,
    in God’s house walked within.
    Let death surprise my foes, let them
    alive to Sheol depart,
    for evil is their dwelling place
    and lodges in their heart.
  6. But I will call on God in pray’r;
    the LORD will rescue me.
    At evening time and morning time,
    at noon, I moan and grieve.
    He hears my voice when I complain,
    and he my soul redeems;
    in battle he preserves my life,
    for many strive with me.
  7. But God will hear and humble them—
    he ever sits enthroned—
    for they change not their evil ways,
    no fear of God they know.
    My friend attacked his loyal friends
    and broke his solemn word.
    His speech was smooth as butter, yet
    his heart was full of war.
  8. Now cast your care on God the LORD,
    and he will care for you;
    The righteous he will never fail;
    they never shall be moved.
    But God into destruction’s pit
    will throw the men of blood;
    their length of days he cuts in half.
    In you I place my trust.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
Scripture Reference
Psalm 55
Composer Information
Fuhrman, Franki (b. 1947)

Copyright: © Franki Fuhrman, 2002 (admin. Crown and Covenant)