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Lord, My Petition Heed

  1. Lord, my petition heed,
    now help me in my need,
    my Savior be.
    I am your servant, Lord;
    my trust is in your word.
    Mercy to me accord;
    Lord, hear my plea.
  2. Comfort your servant now,
    while at your throne I bow,
    for you are love.
    Your pard’ning grace is free;
    sinners who call in need
    your tender mercy see,
    O God above.
  3. Lord, hear me while I pray,
    while now in troubled day
    I seek your face.
    No god of man’s design
    is like our God, divine;
    most bright your glories shine,
    O God of grace.
  4. By all whom you have made
    be praise and worship paid
    through earth abroad.
    Your name be glorified,
    there is none great beside,
    matchless your works abide,
    for you are God.
  5. Help me your will to do,
    your truth I will pursue,
    teach me to fear;
    my heart now purify,
    your name to glorify,
    O Lord, my God Most High,
    with heart sincere.
  6. How great your love appears
    that made death’s gloomy fears
    no more dismay;
    O God, to anger slow,
    save me from ev’ry foe,
    your lovingkindness show,
    your truth display.
  7. Show me your mercy true,
    your servant’s strength renew,
    deliv’rance send.
    To me your goodness show,
    your comfort, Lord, bestow;
    let those who hate me know
    you are my friend.
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 86
Composer Information
Sherwin, William F. (1826–1888)