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LORD, in Your Wrath Rebuke Me Not

  1. LORD, in your wrath rebuke me not,
    nor in your anger chasten me.
    Deeply your arrows sink within;
    heavy, your hand weighs down on me.
  2. There is no soundness in my flesh,
    for you are angry at my sin.
    There is no health within my bones;
    your indignation burns within.
  3. Guilt rises up above my head;
    sins’ heavy burden weighs me down.
    Loathsome and fest’ring are my wounds;
    LORD, for my foolishness I mourn.
  4. Bowed down with trouble, grief and pain,
    all day I mourn in deep distress.
    Pain so severe consumes my loins;
    there is no soundness in my flesh.
  5. Feeble and greatly crushed am I;
    pain grips my heart and makes me groan.
    Lord, my desires before you lie;
    all of my sighs to you are known.
  6. With pounding heart, my strength has failed;
    light has departed from my eye.
    Friends and companions stay away;
    seeing my wounds, they pass me by.
  7. Those who would seek to take my life
    set cunning snares to capture me.
    They speak of ruin, seek my harm,
    plotting all day their treachery.
  8. I, like a deaf man, cannot hear;
    just like the mute, I cannot cry.
    I’m like a man who hears no sound,
    whose mouth can utter no reply.
  9. O LORD my God, I wait for you.
    LORD, you will answer when I call.
    I prayed, “Let them not gloat o’er me,
    who boast against me when I fall.”
  10. Soon I will slip and fall in pain;
    constant the grief I feel within.
    I will confess iniquity;
    I’m deeply troubled by my sin.
  11. Strong are my foes and full of life;
    many despise me wrongfully.
    Evil for good they would repay;
    when I seek good, they slander me.
  12. LORD God, I pray, forsake me not!
    My God, do not be far from me!
    Hasten to rescue me, O Lord,
    you are salvation unto me!
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 38
Composer Information
Jones, Griffin Hugh (1849–1919)