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LORD, Hear My Prayer for Aid

  1. LORD, hear my prayer for aid, my plea.
    Do not hide your face from me.
    Incline your ear to me in need,
    and when I call, be swift to heed.
    Like smoke my days all swiftly pass,
    my bones are burned, my heart’s like grass.
    I do not eat, but loudly groan;
    I am no more than skin and bone.
  2. I’m like an owl in desert waste,
    or a bird, alone, awake.
    All day my foes revile and mock;
    they taunt my name with foolish talk.
    For I eat ash and drink my tears,
    because in anger you’ve appeared.
    My days like evening shadows pass;
    I wither like the sun-dried grass.
  3. But you, O LORD, still sit enthroned;
    evermore your name is known.
    In mercy great you will arise
    and favor Zion in your time.
    Your servants hold her stones most dear,
    and even dust they pity here.
    All lands will fear your name, O LORD;
    all kings on earth your praise record.
  4. The LORD will build up Zion there;
    he in glory will appear,
    for he regards the poor man’s cries;
    the lowly’s prayer he’ll not despise.
    Record this for the coming age,
    so people yet unborn may praise.
    From holy heights the LORD looked forth,
    he looked from heaven down to earth.
  5. The LORD heard groans from those in chains,
    and he freed them once again;
    those doomed to die he lifted up
    that they might praise him for his love.
    They will in Zion tell his name,
    and in Jerusalem his fame,
    when peoples gather there in throngs,
    and kingdoms serve the LORD with songs.
  6. My strength he weakened in the way;
    he has shortened all my days.
    “O God, do not take me away,
    don’t cut me off in midst of days!
    Your years will surely never end,
    but will throughout all time extend.”
    You laid foundations for the earth,
    the heavens are your handiwork.
  7. The heav’n and earth will pass away,
    but you ever will remain.
    They will wear out like tattered clothes;
    you change and pass them on like robes.
    But you endure, fore’er the same;
    your years are endless and unchanged.
    Your servants’ children shall endure,
    their seed will be established sure.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 102, Hebrews 1:10-12
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