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In You, LORD, I Take Refuge

  1. In you, LORD, I take refuge;
    protect me from disgrace.
    In righteousness deliver me,
    and rescue me in grace.
    A rock of refuge be to me,
    my constant safe resort.
    Salvation you ordained for me;
    you are my rock and fort.
  2. From wicked hands, God, free me,
    hands cruel and unjust;
    you, Lord, have ever been my hope;
    from youth, O LORD, my trust.
    I leaned upon you from my birth
    and through my early days;
    you took me from my mother’s womb.
    I give you constant praise.
  3. To many I’m a wonder;
    you are my refuge strong.
    My mouth is brimming with your praise
    and glory all day long.
    Reject me not when I am old,
    when all my strength is spent;
    for enemies are watching me,
    together they consent.
  4. They say, “God has forsaken!
    Pursue him! None will save!”
    O God, do not be far from me.
    O help me, God; make haste!
    Ashamed may my accusers be,
    my foes consumed by scorn.
    But I will ever hope in you,
    and praise you more and more.
  5. My mouth will tell your justice,
    your saving deeds convey;
    they number more than I can know;
    I’ll tell them all the day.
    I’ll come proclaiming mighty deeds
    that you, Lord GOD, have wrought;
    your righteousness, and yours alone,
    the peoples will be taught.
  6. O God, from youth you taught me;
    your deeds I still proclaim.
    So now, do not forsake me, God,
    when I am old and gray,
    until to generations hence
    I tell your pow’r and might.
    O God, there’s none like you, your justice
    reaches heaven’s height.
  7. You made me see much evil,
    yet you will quicken me.
    From depths of earth you raise me up,
    my greatness you increase.
    You comfort me. With harp and lyre
    your praises I confess.
    O Holy One of Israel,
    I sing your faithfulness.
  8. My lips will shout for joy when
    I sing to you my praise;
    my soul, which you redeemed, will sing;
    my tongue will speak all day.
    I’ll tell about your righteous help,
    your justice I’ll proclaim,
    for those who sought to do me hurt
    have suffered dreadful shame.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 71
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