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I Will at All Times Bless the LORD

  1. I will at all times bless the LORD
    and praise him with my voice.
    I make my boast in God, the LORD;
    let humble souls rejoice.
    O let us magnify the LORD;
    exalt his name with me.
    I sought the LORD; he answered me;
    from fear he set me free.
  2. Looking to him, their faces shine
    and never suffer shame.
    This poor man cried, the LORD God heard,
    and full deliv’rance came.
    Surely the angel of the LORD
    encamps around his own.
    All those who fear him he redeems;
    his pow’r to them is shown.
  3. O taste and see the LORD is good;
    the man who trusts is blest.
    O fear the LORD, you faithful saints;
    no need shall bring distress.
    Hunger may pierce the lion cubs
    who suffer want of food,
    yet those who truly seek the LORD
    will not lack any good.
  4. Children, come near, and gather round
    to listen to my word.
    Come! I will teach and counsel you
    to fear the LORD your God.
    Who is the one who loves his life
    and longs to see good days?
    Then keep your tongue from evil speech,
    your lips from lying ways.
  5. Turn and depart from evil paths
    and practice what is right.
    Do good and seek the way of peace;
    O seek with all your might.
    God’s eyes are fixed upon the just;
    his ears attend their plea.
    He sets his face against the vile,
    blots out their memory.
  6. God hears the righteous cry for help
    and frees them from all woes.
    You, LORD, are near to broken hearts
    and save the contrite souls.
    Many afflictions plague the just;
    from all, God sets him free.
    All of his bones the LORD will keep,
    and none will broken be.
  7. Evil will slay the wicked ones
    and those who hate the just.
    God will condemn his enemies
    who scorn the ones that trust.
    He will redeem his servants’ life;
    they will not be disowned.
    No one who trusts in God, the LORD,
    will e’er be overthrown.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 34, 1 Peter 3:10-12
Composer Information
Unseld, Benjamin C. (1843–1923)