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I Praise You, LORD, with All My Heart

  1. I praise you, LORD, with all my heart;
    your wonders I proclaim.
    In you, Most High, will I rejoice
    and praise your holy name.
    My enemies before you fall,
    they turn their backs and flee.
    For you upheld my right and cause
    and judged me righteously.
  2. The nations you rebuked, O LORD;
    the wicked you destroyed.
    You blotted out the heathen name,
    forever made it void.
    The enemy has met its doom,
    destroyed eternally.
    Their cities you have rooted out,
    erased their memory.
  3. The LORD forever reigns on high;
    his throne for judgment stands.
    He’ll judge the world in righteousness,
    with justice rule the lands.
    The LORD will be a hiding place
    for those who are oppressed,
    and he will be a strong defense
    for those who are distressed.
  4. All those who know your name, O LORD,
    in you their trust will place,
    for you do not abandon those
    who seek your gracious face.
    Sing praises to the LORD, who sits
    in Zion on his throne;
    and tell among the peoples of
    the world what he has done.
  5. The LORD does not forget the cry
    of his afflicted ones,
    but he demands an answer for
    the blood of all his sons.
    O LORD, behold my enemies
    with pain afflicting me.
    Have mercy! From the gates of death
    uplift and set me free.
  6. That I, in gates of Zion’s daughter,
    may your praise declare,
    and joyously I may exult
    in your salvation there.
    The nations fell into the pit,
    the hole which they have made;
    their feet are tangled in the net
    which they themselves have laid.
  7. The LORD is known by righteous deeds;
    his justice always stands.
    The wicked are ensnared in traps,
    the work of their own hands.
    The wicked will to hell return,
    the evil man’s abode,
    where all the heathen nations go
    that have forgotten God.
  8. The needy will not always be
    forgotten and ignored;
    nor will the hopes of those afflicted
    perish evermore.
    Arise, O LORD! Let man not boast;
    the nations judge in might.
    Now let them know they are but men,
    and strike them, LORD, with fright!
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 9
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