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I Love You, LORD, My Strength

  1. I love you, LORD, my strength, my rock.
    He is my fort, my saving pow’r;
    God is my shield, my shelt’ring rock,
    my horn of safety, mighty tow’r.
  2. I call to God the LORD on high;
    worthy is he of all my praise.
    He hears my cry and sets me free
    from all my foes; in might he saves.
  3. Grim cords of death encompassed me;
    waves of destruction frightened me.
    Cords of the grave surrounded me,
    terrors of death confronted me.
  4. In my distress I sought the LORD;
    I cried for help to God who hears.
    He from his temple heard my voice;
    he let my pleading reach his ears.
  5. He from on high took hold of me;
    he pulled me up from waters deep.
    He saved me from my enemy,
    haters who were too strong for me.
  6. In my distress they threatened me,
    but God sustained me in my plight.
    He brought me out to freedom’s land,
    for in my life he took delight.
  7. God has repaid my righteousness;
    he favored me accordingly.
    He saw the cleanness of my hands;
    he has in grace rewarded me.
  8. You save the humble and the meek,
    but shame the haughty eyes of pride.
    You, LORD, will keep my lamp aflame;
    God turns my darkness into light.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 18:1–20, 27–28
Composer Information

Collection Name: German melody