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I Love the LORD, for He Has Heard My Voice

  1. I love the LORD, for he has heard my voice;
    he heard my pleas for mercy and for grace.
    Since he inclined his ear to my request,
    I’ll call on him as long as life shall last.
  2. Anguish of death encompassed me about;
    cords of the grave and terror held me down.
    I was distressed. I called upon his name:
    “Rescue my soul, O LORD my God, I pray.”
  3. Righteous and gracious is the LORD our God,
    rich in his mercy, tender in his love.
    He will preserve the simple in their need;
    when I was low, he came and rescued me.
  4. Rest, O my soul; the LORD has blessed you well,
    for you, O LORD, from death redeemed my soul.
    You dried my tears, my stumbling feet restored.
    I’ll walk the land of life before the LORD.
  5. I spoke in anguish, though I still believed:
    “I’m greatly troubled by my pain and grief.”
    Filled with alarm, I said in my dismay,
    “All men speak lies, and falsehood is their way.”
  6. What shall I render now unto the LORD
    for all his benefits on me bestowed?
    I’ll lift salvation’s cup, and with his saints
    I’ll pay my vows and call upon his name.
  7. How dear to God the dying of his saints.
    LORD, I’m your servant; you have loosed my chains.
    I am your handmaid’s son, your servant true.
    I offer thankful sacrifice to you.
  8. I call upon God’s name with thankful praise.
    ’Mid all his people I will pay my vows,
    here, in the LORD’s house, in his temple courts,
    in you, Jerusalem. O praise the LORD!
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 116
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