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I Cry for Mercy to the LORD

  1. I cry for mercy to the LORD;
    to him I lift my voice in prayer.
    Before the LORD I bring my plea;
    to him my trouble I declare.
  2. Each time my spirit faints in me,
    you know my path, you know my way;
    for hidden on the path I walk,
    a deadly snare for me they lay.
  3. When looking to the right, I see
    that no one is concerned for me;
    there’s no one who will guard my soul,
    no hiding place where I can flee.
  4. I cry to you, O LORD, my God.
    I say to you amid the strife,
    “You are my trust and hiding place,
    my portion in the land of life.”
  5. LORD, I am humbled, very low;
    attend my cry and hear my plea.
    From strong oppressors set me free,
    for they are much too strong for me.
  6. LORD, out of bondage bring my soul,
    that I may give your name all praise.
    The righteous then will join with me,
    for you have shown to me your grace.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 142
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