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Help, LORD, Because the Godly Ones Have Vanished

  1. Help, LORD, because the godly ones have vanished;
    gone are the faithful from the sons of man.
    Each one with double heart speaks to his neighbor;
    he utters lies and falsely flatters him.
  2. May our LORD God cut off all lips which flatter,
    proud tongues which speak with haughty, boastful word,
    those who have said, “Our tongues will surely conquer—
    our lips are ours—who then can be our lord?”
  3. “I will arise now, for the weak are plundered,”
    thus says the LORD who heeds the poor man’s cries.
    “I will regard his groans, for he is needy.
    I will provide the safety he desires.”
  4. Flawless are all the words the LORD has spoken—
    pure as the silver which by fire is tried.
    When in the furnace seven times is tested,
    it then emerges fully purified.
  5. O LORD, you will preserve your people always,
    and from this evil age keep us secure;
    on ev’ry side the wicked strut and swagger,
    as people honor all that is impure.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 12
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