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From Youth They Have Afflicted Me

  1. “From youth they have afflicted me,”
    let Isr’el say of her travail.
    “From youth they have afflicted me,
    yet over me have not prevailed.”
  2. They drew their ploughs across my back;
    the ploughmen made their furrows long.
    The LORD is righteous, he has cut
    me free from cords of wicked ones.
  3. May all who hate Jerusalem
    be put to shame and turned away.
    May they, like grass upon the roof,
    not grow, but wither and decay.
  4. Let not the reaper gather sheaves,
    nor let the passersby proclaim:
    “We wish you blessing from the LORD!
    We bless you in his holy name!”
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 129
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