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Declare Me Innocent, O LORD

  1. Declare me innocent, O LORD;
    I walk in blameless ways,
    and I have trusted in the LORD,
    not wav’ring all my days.
    Examine me and prove me, LORD;
    test heart and mind, I pray.
    Your love surrounds me; from your truth
    my feet will never stray.
  2. I do not sit with worthless men;
    I shun the hypocrite.
    I hate the crowd of wicked men;
    with them I will not sit.
    I wash my hands in innocence,
    and blameless is my heart;
    I go about your altar, LORD,
    the place you set apart.
  3. I speak aloud your awesome deeds,
    your praises I will tell.
    I love your habitation, LORD,
    the place your glory dwells.
    Sweep not away my soul, O LORD,
    with those who hate your way,
    nor take away my life with those
    who love to wound and slay.
  4. For their right hands are full of bribes;
    they plot iniquity.
    But I will lead a blameless life;
    in mercy set me free.
    My feet will stand with confidence
    upon a level place,
    and in the great assembly I
    will praise the LORD of grace.
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
Scripture Reference
Psalm 26
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Copyright: © 1964 Abingdon Press