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Blest Is the One Who Helps the Weak

  1. Blest is the one who helps the weak and poor;
    God will deliver him in times of strife.
    Surely the LORD will bless him in the land;
    he will protect him and preserve his life.
  2. You will not hand him over to his foes,
    nor give him over to their evil will.
    When on his sickbed, him will God sustain;
    you, LORD, will raise him up when he is ill.
  3. I said, “O LORD, be gracious unto me;
    heal me, because against you I have sinned.”
    Enemies speak with malice when they say,
    “When will he die, his name be brought to end?”
  4. He comes to me with evil in his heart;
    when he goes out, he spreads his empty lies.
    All of my foes who hate me whisper low,
    plotting the worst that evil minds devise.
  5. They say, “A deadly thing on him is poured;
    he will not rise again and leave his bed.”
    Even my close friend turned his back on me—
    he, whom I trusted and who shared my bread.
  6. But you, O LORD, be gracious unto me.
    Raise me again, their malice to requite.
    O’er me my foes will not in triumph shout—
    by this I know that in me you delight.
  7. You hold me fast in my integrity;
    you set me in your presence evermore.
    Bless Isr’el’s God, the LORD, from age to age!
    Amen. Amen. Forever praise the LORD!
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 41, John 13:18
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