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Bless the LORD, My Soul!

  1. Bless the LORD, my soul! O LORD my
    God, you are so very great.
    You are clothed with glorious beauty,
    wrapped in robes of holy light.
    He who stretches out the heavens,
    like a curtain vast and wide,
    builds his great celestial chambers
    on the heav’nly waters high.
  2. He makes clouds of heav’n his chariot;
    on the wings of wind he rides.
    He makes flames of fire his servants;
    winds obey what he decides.
    He established earth’s foundations,
    surely it cannot be moved,
    covered it with seas like clothing;
    mountains ’neath the waters stood.
  3. But when you rebuked the waters,
    at your thunder they took flight;
    they receded to the valleys,
    flowing down the mountains’ height.
    Flowing to their place appointed,
    you set bounds where they remain;
    never shall the mighty waters
    overwhelm the land again.
  4. God makes springs pour down the valleys.
    Streams that flow from ev’ry hill
    quench the thirst of all his creatures,
    roaming donkeys drink their fill.
    Birds of heaven dwell beside them,
    sweetly singing in the trees.
    From above, you water mountains,
    filling earth with fruitful deeds.
  5. He makes grass to grow for cattle,
    plants for man to cultivate—
    bringing from the earth its produce,
    food for all mankind to eat.
    He makes wine to cheer the people,
    bringing joy to each man’s heart,
    oil that makes his face resplendent,
    bread that strength and health impart.
  6. Plenteous water feeds the forests,
    trees which to the LORD belong,
    mighty cedars that he planted
    on the heights of Lebanon.
    Birds reside among the cedars;
    storks upon the pine trees nest.
    Goats live high above in mountains;
    rabbits in the crags find rest.
  7. See the moon, which marks the seasons,
    setting sun which knows its time;
    you bring night by making darkness
    when the beasts through forests roam.
    Lions roar throughout the forest,
    while from God they seek their prey;
    then at dawn in dens they gather.
    Man goes to his toil all day.
  8. LORD, how many are your wonders!
    Wisely you have made them all.
    Earth is full of all your creatures,
    living things both great and small.
    Here’s the sea, so vast and spacious,
    filled with life that multiplies.
    There leviathan is playing;
    there the sailing ships pass by.
  9. All your creatures look to you, LORD,
    waiting for the food they need.
    When you give, your creatures gather;
    from your open hand they feed.
    When you hide your face, they’re troubled;
    lifeless, they to dust go down.
    When you send your Spirit, you create
    them and renew the ground.
  10. May the glory of the LORD our
    God endure eternally;
    may the LORD rejoice in all his
    mighty works and glorious deeds,
    he looks on his whole creation,
    causing earth to shake in fear,
    he makes all the mountains tremble;
    smoke and flames of fire appear.
  11. I will praise the LORD my God with
    all my life and all my voice.
    May my meditation please him,
    for I, in the LORD, rejoice.
    Let all sinners be demolished;
    let the wicked be no more!
    Bless the LORD, my soul, O praise him!
    Come, my soul, and praise the LORD!
Stanza Copyright
© 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal Joint Venture
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 104, Hebrews 1:7
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