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Thy Mercy, Lord, Is What I Need

  1. Thy mercy, Lord, is what I need
    to save my sinful soul.
    My earnest plea I pray thee heed,
    and make my spirit whole.
    Lord, turn away thy righteous wrath,
    please spare my soul’s deserved death:
    be merciful to me.
  2. Thy peace, for which my conscience longs,
    gives respite from my woes:
    thy peace to quiet former wrongs
    and silence sland’rous foes.
    Lord, calm from thee would soon displace
    my guilty fears, so please now place
    this peace within my soul.
  3. Thy grace is what I truly yearn
    to change my ways within.
    For grace alone can make me turn
    to thee and far from sin.
    Thy grace is all-sufficient, yes,
    my heart to change, my soul to bless:
    Lord give this grace to me.
  4. Thy love shall surely watch me now,
    and guard my heart and mind.
    For all-compassionate art thou,
    benevolent and kind.
    Lord, what repayment can I give?
    There’s nothing, save this life I live,
    so let me live for thee.
Stanza Copyright
© Jonathan Landry Cruse, 2014
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Scripture Reference
Luke 18:13
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