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The Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow

  1. The Lord will come and not be slow,
    his footsteps cannot err;
    before him righteousness shall go,
    his royal harbinger.
  2. Truth from the earth, like to a flow’r,
    shall bud and blossom then,
    and justice, from her heav’nly bow’r,
    look down on mortal men.
  3. Rise, God, and judge the earth in might,
    this wicked earth redress;
    for you are he who shall by right
    the nations all possess.
  4. For great you are, and wonders great
    by your strong hand are done:
    you, in your everlasting seat,
    remain the Lord alone.
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Scripture Reference
Psalm 96:13, Psalm 82:8, Psalm 85:11-13
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