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O Shine upon These, Lord

  1. O shine upon these, Lord,
    the men ordained today,
    that through the written Word,
    Christ Jesus they display.
    And from their hearts which burn
    with gazing on your face,
    that we, your people, learn
    the wonders of your grace.
  2. O breathe upon them, Lord,
    your Spirit’s living flame,
    so that with one accord
    their lips may tell your name.
    Give them the hearing ear,
    direct their ev’ry thought,
    that those they serve may hear
    the great things you have wrought.
  3. O live within them, Lord,
    your mind and will be theirs.
    You, the Belov’d, adored,
    and served with all their pow’rs,
    so that your lambs may know
    the one true Shepherd’s voice.
    Where Christ leads, may they go,
    and in your call rejoice.
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Scripture Reference
2 Timothy 4:2, John 10:27-28
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