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O Fountain of Unceasing Grace

  1. O fountain of unceasing grace,
    your saints’ exhaustless theme,
    great object of immortal praise,
    essentially supreme,
    we bless you for the glorious fruits
    your incarnation gives,
    the righteousness which grace imputes,
    and faith alone receives.
  2. In you we have a righteousness
    by God himself approved;
    our rock, our sure foundation this,
    which never can be moved.
    Our ransom by your death was paid,
    for all your people giv’n,
    the law you perfectly obeyed,
    that they might enter heav’n.
  3. As all, when Adam sinned alone,
    in his transgression died,
    so by the righteousness of one
    are sinners justified;
    we to your merit, gracious Lord,
    with humblest joy submit,
    again to paradise restored,
    in you alone complete.
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Scripture Reference
John 7:37-38, Romans 5
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